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The first physical experiential advertising company of its kind

We puts our client’s happiness and satisfaction above all else. We are changing the perception of retail advertising by altering the way your customers think, feel, and respond to advertisement through the power of one experience.


Of customers say

they are more likely to revisit a business due to a memorable experience


Of visitors say they had never visited the business before approaching our marketing activation

Unlike other aspects of a business, marketing has not advanced alongside technology in the last decade. 

Customers are no longer impressed with traditional marketing such as colorful banners designed to attract onlookers into a booth at a convention, mannequins wearing a new clothing line in a store window, or hostesses approaching ongoing foot traffic with restaurant menus.


Founder of RxATTRACT

We saw a definite need for our unique concept. We boldly opened our doors in 2017, confident in our methodology for designing inimitable experiences to attract new customers to our client’s businesses. 


Our innovative character interactions cause foot traffic to stop on the streets, enter the desired area, and upload their memorable experience to their social media channels.

Our Commitment To You

At RxATTRACT creating noteworthy experiences for your customers, that promotes both your business goals and social media presence, is our passion. Our commitment to you is to deliver exceptional results for both your audience and your business.Our desire is to be your experience success partner! Relationships matter to us.We’ve found that triumphant event performance reflects directly upon our team members which is why we pride ourselves on hiring the best talent from across the United States.

We’ve found that successful event performance reflects directly upon the team which is why we pride ourselves on hiring the best talent from across the United States.


Although we operate in multiple cities across the United States, in RxATTRACT we are a family. We ensure a positive and enjoyable work environment while always providing our team the option to advance professionally within the company whether that be through traveling, managing events, or working in the corporate office.

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