How It Works

RxATTRACT is a one-of-a-kind concept that is revolutionizing the physical marketing component of traditional retail by offering the best experiential marketing product in the world.  


Our single focus is increasing foot traffic and social media presence to your company while creating a remarkable experience for your customers.

Retail & Souvenir Store, Miami Beach

"During the event, thousands of new customers entered my store to take photos with the characters which concluded with them purchasing clothes and other souvenir items. This company caused ongoing foot traffic to enter my store through their unique concept, providing real results."

Outdoor Venue, Downtown Nashville

"RxATTRACT increased my venue’s foot traffic by over 60%. I loved having the characters and team inside my space because people could see them as they walked by.  I look forward to hosting another event with them in the future."

Restaurant Owner, Los Angeles

"When the characters operated in my outdoor bar hundreds of people stopped and entered to take photos. Over 70% of those people stayed and ordered something off the menu. RxATTRACT not only provided my restaurant with social media exposure but also new happy customers who will likely visit again."

Our Performers are strategically placed at our client’s locations to increase sales and provide customers with an unparalleled experience.

RxATTRACT works with several performance troupes around the country hiring only the top talent in our field. Our team members are chosen after vigorous interviews and customer service training to ensure continuous event success.

We operate the most realistic masks in the world of various well-known politicians and celebrities. Strategically placed at our client’s locations, our performers increase sales and provide both new and loyal customers with an unparalleled experience.


From unprecedented concepts to perfect event execution, we produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your customers resulting in real results long after the event’s completion.


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